Priorities Report 2022-23

Read our latest report examining what our priorities should be for the upcoming year.
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Every year we ask our members, advisory board, stakeholders and the wider resident and service user population of Southwark to help us decide which areas of health and social care we should focus our work on over the coming year.

This report summarises our evidence base for determining our priorities for 2022-23. It draws from a variety of different sources including data we collected through our Priorities Survey, focus groups, signposting and feedback intelligence and secondary data and information. 

Having reviewed our findings with our Advisory Board, we have agreed our top 5 priorities for 2022-23 are: 

1. Tackling health inequalities with a specific focus on the following:
- Mental health within the Black African and Caribbean community.
- Accessibility of health information for Latin American community. 

2. Young People’s Health: establishing a youth panel and getting young people more actively involved in health projects and decision making bodies.

3. Improving access to health and social care services for people with learning disabilities and autism.

4. Reviewing how ‘wait times’ can be better managed for elective care patients.

5. Understanding dental access issues in minority communities.

Read the full report here

Priorities Report 2022-23

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