The Healthwatch Southwark Advisory Board is a consultative body, supporting the Healthwatch Southwark staff team to deliver local Healthwatch in the borough.

Its core functions are to:

  • play a key role in advising on our strategy and priorities
  • ensure the involvement of local people in our work and decision-making
  • help make key decisions about how to use our powers
  • uphold our independence
  • support partnership working
  • represent us in wider stakeholder engagement and decision making structures i.e. NHS Trust, Local Authority

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Our Advisory Board currently consists of 7 local residents:

 Sheona St Hilaire - Chair

Sheona St Hilaire joined the Healthwatch Southwark Advisory Board  in March 2021, she is the newly selected ‘Chair’ of the Group. Sheona is a committed individual that believes in the power of volunteering and the difference it can make locally and nationally. Sheona has several years of working in an advisory capacity (i.e. advisory panels and trusteeships) and appreciates the dedication and commitment that is required to support these roles.  

Sheona currently work as a teacher at a local school, and in her spare time she has volunteered in different health and social care organisations across South East London. Sheona has been very fortunate to build a professional network of health and social care organisations within the London Borough of Southwark, and she understands the important role third sector organisations and statutory health organisations play in terms of improving and meeting the health and social care needs of people who use these services.   

Chinelo L. Njaka, Ph.D.

Chinelo L. Njaka, Ph.D. (she/her/hers) joined the Healthwatch Southwark Advisory Board in April 2021. She is an academic and community/public sociologist based in Peckham, London and has lived in Southwark for fourteen years. Having been in the voluntary and community sector for the whole of her adult life, Dr. Njaka is the Founder and Director of Peckham Rights!, a non-profit organisation that promotes human rights for marginalised communities and challenges systemic racism through locally based research, consultancy, education, and community development initiatives throughout Peckham, Southwark, and beyond.

Throughout her professional life, she has had a keen interest in health, working in research, public health, and health promotion around HIV and sexual health, and more recently COVID-19. Focusing particularly on racialised and marginalised communities, Dr. Njaka is passionate about advocating for equality in health and social care access and services. As a member of the Healthwatch Southwark Advisory Group, she believes that communities should help shape services to best meet the needs of those who need it most but have been systemically disadvantaged for varied reasons.

Cedric Whilby

A Community Southwark trustee, Cedric acts as the link between the Healthwatch Southwark Advisory Board and the Community Southwark Trustee Board.

Graham Head

Graham Head joined the Healthwatch Southwark Advisory Board in March 2021. A Nunhead, Southwark resident for over thirty years, Graham has a long history of working in Healthcare, including stints as a hospital director and a population health analyst. Now retired, Graham is a trustee of a charity supporting clinicians working with adolescents.

Graham believes strongly that a local health and care service is at its best when it truly reflects the needs of the people it serves. An understanding of the local patient experience is vital - and all parts of the community must to be heard and involved in decision-making. Services must be as easy to access and navigate as possible. These are key aims of the local Southwark Healthwatch team, and Graham is pleased to be able to support them in their work.

Jonny McDaniell

Jonny McDaniell joined Healthwatch Southwark Advisory Board in March 2021. Jonny has lived in South London his whole life and specifically within the local area for the past four years. He is passionate about healthcare and believes understanding the needs of service users and staff working on the ground is the key to delivering safe and effective care for patients.

Professionally, Jonny has five years’ experience as a management consultant, working solely in healthcare and has supported improvement programmes in a range of settings across health and social care. Jonny understands the power and relevance of elevating the patient voice when implementing national policy at a local level, and is excited to provide advice to the Healthwatch Southwark team as they work to improve patient outcomes and experiences for residents in the borough.

Mannah Edward Kargbo

Mannah Edward Kargbo joined the Healthwatch Southwark Advisory Board in April 2021. He has been a Southwark resident for more than fifteen years. He is presently serving as a school Governor in Peckham and as a member of a School Advisory Board in Camberwell. Additionally, he served two terms as a member of the Management Committee of Southwark Governors Association comprising of about 240 schools (both primary and secondary schools) in Southwark.

Mannah has diversified professional experience of working in the healthcare sector within the remit of promoting health and reducing health inequalities. By being an active member of Healthwatch Southwark, Mannah aims to play a pivotal role in advising Healthwatch Southwark on its key priorities and strategies, and to ensure the participation of local residents in decision making.

Robert Ede

Robert Ede joined the Healthwatch Southwark Advisory Board in March 2021. Robert lives in Nunhead, having moved to Southwark from neighbouring Lambeth last year. His professional background is in health and social care policy, including seven years working in the consultancy sector where Robert advised a range of organisations from research charities to global pharmaceutical companies on their engagement with the NHS. He currently works for a think tank in Westminster.

Robert believes that the role of the patient in shaping decisions around commissioning needs to be protected and strengthened. He is energised by the opportunity to provide independent and constructive advice to the Healthwatch Southwark team as it determines its organisational priorities and strategy.


Advisory Board Minutes

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Healthwatch Southwark Advisory Board Meeting Dates:

  • Thursday 20th July 2023, 5.30pm - 7pm (Venue: Microsoft Teams)
  • Thursday 19th October 2023, 5.30pm - 7pm (Venue: TBC)
  • Thursday 25th January 2024, 5.30pm - 7pm (Venue: TBC)



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