Shamsur Choudhury - Manager

Shamsur Choudhury is the manager for Healthwatch Southwark, he joined in February 2021. Shamsur has substantial experience of working within the Healthwatch network, having previously being a manager at another London Healthwatch for over 8 years.  

Shamsur leads on the overall strategic and day to day operational management of Healthwatch Southwark. His role also encompasses being the main liaison link with key stakeholders in Southwark and South East London.  



Contact Shamsur

If you would like to find out more about Healthwatch Southwark, get involved, work in partnership, or raise any issues or concerns, please get in touch with Shamsur by emailing or by calling 020 7358 7256.  

Bridie Hindle - VCS Engagement Officer (COVID-19)

Bridie joined Healthwatch Southwark in October 2020 to support the VCS and Southwark community with COVID-19 prevention. She runs a community network of Health Ambassadors, which ensures that all communities are kept informed and supported during the pandemic, tackling misinformation and supporting the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination programme. Through the project, Bridie aims to learn more about inequalities and barriers affecting the community, ensure that vulnerable groups are reached, and empower communities to better assist themselves in the prevention of COVID-19. 

Bridie is also running a grant programme for grassroots voluntary sector community groups to fund innovative projects that support vulnerable and high-risk groups during the pandemic. 

Contact Bridie

If you want to hear more about the Community Health Ambassadors Network, or have any ideas of what could help in your community, please get in touch with Bridie by emailing or phoning 020 7358 7746. 

VACANT - Community Engagement Officer

This role at Healthwatch Southwark includes:

  • Speaking and listening to local people about their experiences of health and social care services
  • Engaging with local people, voluntary organisations and health and social care stakeholders
  • Providing information and directing local people to relevant health and social care services via our signposting and advice service
  • Managing Healthwatch Southwark’s volunteers

If you want to want to share your experience of a health or social care service with us or want to know more about our volunteering opportunities, please get in touch by emailing

Megan Isherwood - Research & Projects Officer 

This role at Healthwatch Southwark includes: 

  • Listening to local people’s feedback about health and social care services 

  • Collecting, storing and analysing local people’s feedback on our database 

  • Designing and carrying out research projects to collect more in-depth feedback 

  • Writing reports to share with decision-makers and the public 


Megan also supports our signposting and advice service, especially when it comes to searching for the right information for people to make decisions about their care. 

If have an idea for a research project or would like to share some information about a health or social care-related service, please get in touch by emailing