Manager - Catherine Negus

Catherine has a background in campaigns and research, having worked on international development, food security, and the mental health of children in the justice system. She joined Community Southwark in 2012 to research the value of, and challenges facing, the local voluntary and community sector. She moved into the Healthwatch team in 2015 with a focus on intelligence and research, covering a wide range of topics including A&E usage, young people's sexual health, nursing homes, GP access, mental health crisis, and care coordination. She has a particular interest in Talking Therapies and the social determinants of mental health. As manager, Catherine represents Healthwatch on the Health and Wellbeing Board.

Outside Healthwatch, Catherine has begun work as a lay reviewer for The Lancet Psychiatry and is encouraged by increasing appreciation for the importance of the patient voice.

"Patient voice is an individual right. However, it is just as important in ensuring that the health and care system provides effective services which make the best use of stretched resources for everybody."

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Alice Godmon - Research & Intelligence Officer

A Camberwell resident, Alice has a background in epidemiology, health research and evidence-based health promotion. She joined Healthwatch Southwark after finishing her Master's degree in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and has previously worked on research into HIV, health and sex education in schools, and birth outcomes of migrant women in the UK.

She has also worked in a secondary school, and is passionate about young people's health. Alice is focusing on research and analysis, and is keen to use the information Healthwatch collects to make positive change in the local area. 

Outside Healthwatch, Alice enjoys getting books out the library and going to Free Swim & Gym at Camberwell Leisure Centre. 


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Elizabeth Macauley - Engagement & Signposting Officer

Lizzy has a background in community outreach, engagement and research, having worked on tobacco control, domiciliary care and youth engagement. She joined Healthwatch Southwark in August 2020 and hopes to engage with Southwark’s diverse community, championing and supporting their involvement in improving local health and social care services.

Lizzy has a particular interest in the social and economic determinants of health and its impact on people’s quality of life.

Outside of Healthwatch, Lizzy enjoys travelling and getting immersed in a good book.


0207 358 7005