Annual Report 2019/20

Find out more about our work and achievements over the year.
Children at a Healthwatch stall

This has been a year of consolidation for Healthwatch Southwark. We have drawn together the findings from an impressive range of projects into solid reports and recommendations, and delivered work ranging from in-depth interviews to surveys of our wider community. Some of these pieces of work have provided rich repositories of information on the experiences of our different communities – from LGBTQ+ residents to unpaid carers - to inform services for some time to come. In March, we adapted fast to an astonishing new situation as the coronavirus pandemic escalated.

We have done this as just three staff – and for a period last summer, only two. But of course, there would be no point in us existing without the hundreds of Southwark residents who have taken time to share their views and (sometimes difficult) experiences with us as we all work together in a common goal to make our health and social care system the best it can be. Thank you!

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