Wellness in COVID: a report on the pandemic’s impact on physical, mental and emotional wellness

Creative Treaty have launched 'Wellness In COVID', a report on the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on physical, mental and emotional wellness. 
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Creative Treaty, a Southwark based charity, is a human rights organisation that raises public awareness and understanding of human rights through creative engagement and skill building.

They aim to highlight the congruent link that human rights has to community and individual wellbeing.

About the report

Over the course of nine weeks they collated data from 367 of their service users and members of the public to better understand how the spread of COVID-19, lockdown restrictions, furlough and employment were impacting general wellbeing.

They sent surveys, held conversations, and ran question and answer sessions with a range of people spanning diverse communities across the UK.

Some of the issues they address in Wellness In COVID are how the pandemic has impacted disabled people and people with hidden conditions.

In doing the report, Creative Treaty learned that at least 25% of their service users are considered to be living in absolute poverty, so it has also provided an opportunity to learn how to better support service users needs.

They also make recommendations to charities and community groups, government bodies and members of the public. 

Download the report here

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