Join the Community Health Ambassadors Network

Join the Community Health Ambassadors Network to help inform, empower and support your community with issues related to health & wellbeing.
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Healthwatch Southwark and Community Southwark are supporting Southwark Council to run the Community Health Ambassadors Network.

Be in the know and pass on accurate information to help your community

  • We provide Ambassadors with accurate information and resources so that they can help their local communities with issues related to health. For example, Ambassadors have accurate information on current public health issues, vaccines, health and wellbeing, food and financial support, mental health, healthy eating, and more. We also provide information for specific groups, such as VCS, parents and faith groups.

  • We help with mythbusting and verifying information, and Southwark's Public Health team are on hand to answer questions and concerns from the community.
  • You will pass on relevant information to your networks, communities, friends and family. You can use whatever methods you think will best reach them. We have information in multiple languages and alternative formats for people with disabilities.
  • You can develop health and wellbeing topics you passionate about sharing through specific trainings and resource sharing. 
  • You can support local NHS, Council, and VCS organisations as an Ambassador and get paid for your work.

Ensure your community's voice is heard and their questions answered

  • If you are interested in joining, you will start by attending an Induction, during which we'll discuss your community's experiences, questions, and concerns about local health issues that impact our lives. The induction lasts 30-60 minutes.
  • Throughout your role as an Ambassador, you can tell us what further information, resources, translations or other support you think would help your community.
  • Your feedback is anonymously passed onto Southwark Council to help them more effectively respond to communities, ensure they are reaching everyone, help reduce health inequalities and improve trust.
  • You can provide further feedback and information about the barriers and difficulties your community is facing through the Monthly Surveys, the Ambassadors Whatsapp group and Network Meetings, or reach us on email.

Who can be an Ambassador?

We currently have over 100 local people signed up and actively helping their community. The Network is open to absolutely everyone living or working in Southwark and everyone's voice is important. Ambassadors include local residents, faith groups, voluntary sector workers, volunteers, medical professionals, teachers, TRAs, and Councillors.

Why join?

  • Be part of the immense impact volunteers make in supporting each other to improve the health and wellbeing of their communities

  • Help improve vaccination uptake and prevent the spread of Covid-19 by ensuring everyone has access to accurate, up to date information

  • Ensure your community's voice is heard and their questions answered

  • Make sure your community knows what support services are available

  • Receive a range of resources such as posters, social media graphics, videos, and leaflets to help promote accurate information, including in multiple languages and alternative formats for people with disabilities

  • Access to free, accredited training courses. We have an ongoing programme of training, which has included Mental Health First Aider (accredited), Make Every Contact Count, How Vaccines Work, Suicide Prevention Training, Positive Wellbeing Webinars, and Motivational Interviewing and Creating Videos. Upcoming courses include:

    • Motivational Interviewing

    • Diabetes Prevention

    • Understanding Health Improvement (RSPH accredited Level 2)

  • Attend Monthly Network Meetings, workshops and webinars, led by Public Health professionals and other guest speakers. Recent sessions have included:

    • Cost of Living

    • Social Prescribing

    • Citizens Advice Southwark.

  • Join the Network Whatsapp group to collaborate with others, share information and ask questions

  • Be supported to make your own video so that your community can hear from those they trust

How much time is involved?

  • To join the Network, you will need to attend an online Induction, which takes place on zoom (30-60 minutes)

  • After the Induction, you can decide whether or not to join the Network. You can also leave the Network at any time.

  • You can contribute as much as you like and use whatever methods you prefer to pass on information. Quarterly, we ask you to estimate how many messages you have sent out and what sort of methods you are using so that we can shape and improve our service

  • The Whatsapp group, Monthly Feedback Surveys, webinars, workshops and Network Meetings, coffee mornings are all optional

Click here to register your interest and pick an Induction date.

If you would like to ask any further questions about the programme, please contact