Keeping safe in the summer sun

The sun has been making an appearance and we're loving it!.. but with highs of 27 degrees, it can get uncomfortable.
image of a cat sunbathing on sand, with sunglasses and a cool drink

Whilst enjoying outdoor activities, there are a few things that people don't take into account when preparing to enjoy their summer days.

Did you know, that not all sunglasses actually protect you from UV rays? and that it is still important people with darker skin tones to wear sunscreen for risk of skin cancer?

Check out a few resources, to give to tips for the whole family to stay protected this summer!

  • Cbeebies have created an easy video for children to learn the importance of staying safe in the sun

  • Check out the NHS website for a really comprehensive advice section on sun safety for all

  • Cancer UK also provide an excellent summary on this topic, icluding a myth buster for tanning!

  • In the sun, it's common to jump in the pool. Read this advice from the Royal Life Saving Society UK on how to stay safe in water.

We've also included a few tips on how to beat the heat!

  1. Drink water
  2. Eat cool foods
  3. Close your curtains
  4. Wear sunscreen
  5. Light, loose clothing
  6. Pace yourself
  7. Put ice in front of your fan
  8. Pop your moisturiser in the fridge
  9. Carry a small spray mist bottle of water
  10. Keep a cold water bottle in bed

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