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Find out how to access all different types of sexual health care in Southwark.
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STI testing

No symptoms

If you have no symptoms you can use the Sexual Health London (SHL) service. It provides at-home testing kits in Southwark that can be ordered online (in a discreetly packaged test kit). It will guide you to take a self-sample, which you return in the post and get your results by text or email. You can also order online and pick up the kit at Camberwell Sexual Health Centre (SHL Hub).

You can also ask your GP surgery, as some services provide appointments with a sexual health nurse, or contact a sexual health clinic (see below for details).


If you have symptoms or have had contact with someone with an STI (e.g. you've received a text from a clinic notifying you of this), then it's best to visit your local sexual health clinic to get tested and arrange treatment as soon as possible. Find your local clinic below:

HIV exposure

If you have been exposed to HIV, then you can take a treatment called post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP). You need to be treated within 72 hours of exposure for it to be effective. Either:

STI testing for young people

If you are under 25 you can use the Healthy Young People (HYP) service. They offer drop-ins, appointments, and run services at some local colleges.

STI testing for trans/non-binary people

cliniQ at King's College Hospital offers a range of sexual health services, including STI testing, for trans and non-binary people.


Long-acting contraception

If you would like to start, or change, a method of contraception (e.g. pill, IUD/IUS, implant) then you can do so by making an appointment with one of the sexual health clinics above. This includes HYP for young people, and cliniQ which offers a specialist service for trans and non-binary people. You could also ask at your GP surgery, as some offer appointments with sexual health nurses. If you need oral contraception (i.e. the pill), Southwark residents can order a supply online for free from SH:24.

You can make an appointment to discuss any concerns you might have, or if you would like advice on which contraceptive method is right for you. 

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Free condoms

Most sexual health clinics, many youth services and some GP practices will provide free condoms when you go for a sexual health check-up or STI test. Healthy Young People (HYP) also provides free condoms as part of the C-Card scheme.

Emergency contraception

Emergency contraception (the morning after pill) is available for free in Southwark from the Sexual Health London (SHL) website, GPs and some pharmacies. Click here to see a list of pharmacies in Southwark offering emergency contraception. If you are under 25 you can also use the HYP service. It is also available at cost from almost all pharmacies, such as Boots and Superdrug.


In Southwark you can call the Central Booking Service to discuss your options, get advice, and arrange an appointment. This is a free service provided by Southwark Council. Find out more here.

0345 345 9911 (available 7am to 11pm, 7 days a week)

Sexual assault

If you live in Southwark and have experienced a sexual assault, or know someone who has, you can find support from The Havens. They have a network of specialist sexual assault referral centres (SARCs) located across London and open 24/7.

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