Supporting your recovery after COVID-19

As you find yourself recovering from COVID-19 you may still be coming to terms with the impact the virus has had on both your body and mind... Your COVID Recovery helps you to understand what has happened and what you might expect as part of your recovery.

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Community Health Ambassadors Network 

Join the Community Health Ambassadors Network in Southwark to support, empower and inform your community during the pandemic and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We provide Ambassadors with accurate health information about coronavirus, local testing, vaccinations; advice for parents, students, and faith groups; and signposting to local services to support financial issues, mental health and food security. 

A significant part of the programme involves us asking for your feedback about barriers and challenges your community is facing, so that we can ensure communities have the support and information they need. We also provide training and webinars to upskill and empower Ambassadors to be thriving community members. If you are a voluntary sector worker, a passionate volunteer, a local resident or employee wanting to make a difference during this difficult time, we would love to hear from you. 

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