Race, identity & me group for African, Caribbean, Asian communities

Are you registered with a GP in Southwark, and you identify as African, Caribbean, Asian or any other background which differs from the white British majority and experiencing signs of stress, anxiety or depression?
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South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust are running Race, identity & me group, an online therapeutic group aims to provide a safe space for people from an Ethnic background to come together and share experiences, and address the impact of racial trauma and discrimination (and many other difficulties) on our mental health such as depression and anxiety. 

Through talking, listening & learning together we can become empowered through a deeper understanding of the collective struggle. Acknowledging the skills developed on this journey. Increasing self-esteem & improving self-awareness and the awareness of others.

The Group Runs For 8 Weekly Sessions Starting On: Thursday 6th May, from 10.00am – 12.00pm 

Group Sessions Will Take Place Over Video Call And Attendance At Every Session Is Encouraged. You Do Not Have To Speak If You Do Not Wish To.

Other Ways Of Communicating Online Will Also Be Available. 


For more details about this group

Please Contact leila.lawton@slam.nhs.uk 

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