Become a PCREF activist and help transform access, experience and outcomes for black patients at South London and Maudsley!

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust are one of the pilot sites (along with East London, Birmingham and Manchester) for the Patient and Carer Race Equality Framework (PRECF). This is a National initiative led by NHSE.
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The NHSE MH Equalities Strategy and now the MHA Review White Paper set out how this will be rolled out across all MH Trusts in 2022. The pilot sites are part of the NHSE Steering Group and learning from them will inform the final roll out. 


In South London and Maudsley, PCREF is a partnership to achieve Anti-Racism and Equity in all the Trust’s services. The Partnership is between Black Community members, Black Service Users and their Carers and Trust Staff. The focus for this first iteration of PCREF (2 year Programme) is local citizens  who use the Trust’s services from Black African, Black Caribbean, Black Mixed and Black Other census groups, because people from these categories are most likely to experience poorer access, experience and outcomes when using the Trust’s services. 


The PCREF Programme has 3 broad phases. The first phase is nearly complete (March 2021) and was focusing on bedding down the governance structures and undertaking a needs assessment. All the committees in the PCREF governance are jointly chaired between a Black Community member and member of staff. Black Community members as well as black service users and their Carers worked together with the Trust to design and deliver the first phase of engagement events as part of the needs assessment process. These included  ‘Preparing for partnership’ engagement events held separately for black community members, black service users and carers and for Trust staff, followed by a borough wide event in each Borough. The process culminated in a Trustwide event. 


This phase of events focused on definitions for access, experience and outcomes as well as the data required to support this. During a poll, the top priorities identified in the event for good Partnership working going forward was, to recognise the power imbalance and to ensure diversity in the Trust’s staff group. There was also an initial discussion at this round of events on the nationally identified Organisational Competencies.  


Phase two of the PCREF Programme commences in April and will involve a number of engagement and other activities including an event in each Borough and in bringing the work together in a Trustwide event. 


Phase two focuses on Organisational Competencies. These are the skills and practices the Trust needs to focus on to improve the way they offer and deliver services so that equity is achieved. Development work is being undertaken as part of the PCREF Committees Workstreams and the aim is to present to the Borough events ideas of what the gaps are in the competencies and how we might close the gaps. Building on these and other ideas, improvement projects will be developed for implementation next year. 

As partners, the PCREF Programme will be identifying and publicising dates for future events soon.


If you are interested in joining the Partnership on this journey towards anti-racism and equity, please consider becoming a PCREF Activist and get in contact: 

Staff, Service Users and Carers: 

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