The NHS in Southwark is changing. Share your views and help to shape its future.

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With people living longer, more people living with long-term conditions, and lifestyle choices affecting people's health, changes are needed to keep our NHS sustainable, address inequalities and provide the best possible care for everyone.

The NHS has produced a Long Term Plan for making this happen over the next ten years. It covers:

  • Helping more people to stay well and tackling health inequalities.
  • Improving how the NHS works so that people can get help more easily and closer to home.
  • More money invested in technology.
  • Making care better. The NHS wants to get better at looking after people with cancer, lung and heart diseases, mental illness, dementia, learning disabilities, and autism.

The NHS in every area of the country has been asked by NHS England to come up with a local planexplaining how these priorities will be delivered locally.

Your Healthwatch organisations, placed in each borough, are working together to find out what local people think. What people tell Healthwatch Southwark will be shared with the NHS and will be used to help develop the plan for South East London.

What would you do?

Healthwatch Southwark is encouraging local people to complete straightforward, anonymous surveys to share their views on these issues, which will affect every one of us during our lifetimes.

Click here to take the general survey for everyone and tell the NHS:

  • How you would help people live healthier lives, from birth to old age
  • How you would make it easier for people to take control of their own health and wellbeing
  • How you would use technology to improve communication about people's care
  • Your priorities when it comes to when and where you receive care.

Click here to take the survey for those with experience of particular health conditions (as a patient or carer). 

This is about care for those with learning disabilities, autism, cancer, lung and heart disease, dementia, mental health conditions, or other long-term conditions. It asks about how easy it was to access support, your experiences, communication with services, and your views about when and where people should be offered care.

It asks questions about how easy it was to access support, your experiences of care, communication with services, and your views about when and where people should be offered care. (You can complete the survey for each condition in which you have experience, as well as the general survey.)

The NHS will work only if it is designed around people's priorities and real-life needs. We need to hear from as many individuals, groups and communities as possible.

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