Do you know the support that is available to unpaid carers?

You may be entitled to one or more state benefits to help you with costs. Have a look at what other support you can access here.
Parents and son with downs syndrome

1. I regularly care for someone voluntarily. Does this mean that I am an unpaid carer? 

Many people in Southwark look after a local resident, be they a family member, friend or perhaps a neighbour. If you regularly care for an adult or child who, through physical or mental health challenges, a learning disability or frailty, is not able to look after themselves, you may be an unpaid carer. Your role may be full or part time and you may care for one or more people. 

If you think you are an unpaid carer, it is important to let your GP know this, so that they can provide you with any special support and guidance you may need and help you to stay well.  

2. How does Southwark Council support unpaid carers? 

Under the Care Act 2014, Southwark Council has a responsibility to assess a carer’s needs for support, where a carer appears to have such needs.  

The assessment aims to consider the impact of caring on the carer, to determine whether the carer has support needs and what those may be. When the assessment is complete, the council will decide what the carer’s support needs are, and whether these needs could be met through a personal budget. 

3. How can I find out more about the advice and support available? 

The following link gives information on the organisations that support unpaid carers in Southwark:  

Carers support 

You can also contact Southwark Council’s Contact Centre on 0207 525 5000 (select Option 3). Lines are open Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm. 

4. I am under the age of 18 and care for a Southwark resident. Where do I go for advice and support? 

If you are a young carer living in Southwark, you can contact Southwark Young Carers (SYC), a service provided by Imago Community.

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