Help improve the mental health support women get during pregnancy and after childbirth - Give your views

A small community research organisation are looking for local mums to take part in their research, they want to find out about mums experiences with mental health support services in Southwark.
Woman holding her pregnant belly

Are you a mum? Or soon to be one? Civil Society Consulting want to understand your perinatal experiences and get your views on the mental health support services in your local area.

Could you complete a survey or take part in a short, confidential interview to share your experiences?

About the study

NHS England want to improve the mental health support women get during pregnancy and after childbirth. Your insights will be used to help them understand how. So on behalf of future mums of Southwark, thank you for the time you’re giving to participate.

The NHS have asked Civil Society CIC to work with Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich Mind to collect information on your views and experiences.

  • Did you get support?
  • Was it difficult to access?

There is no right or wrong answer, all your thoughts and feelings are valuable for this research.


Interviews will take 15-30 minutes and will be conducted with warmth, sensitivity and professionalism – online, on the phone, or even socially distanced in a park if you prefer.

If you don’t have time to do an interview, you can still contribute to the research by taking our quick online survey:

In return for your time, you can be entered into our prize draw for the chance to win a £50 Boots gift card!

Get involved

If you would like to share your experiences, you can either text, call or email Natasha and Lucy on the details below:



Share your thoughts

You can help make health and care services better by sharing your experiences and ideas.

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