Give your views on proposals to tackle the causes of preventable ill health in England

The Department of Health and Social Care and the Cabinet Office are seeking your views on proposals to tackle the causes of preventable ill health in England.
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The NHS is also doing more on prevention.

The Long Term Plan contained a whole chapter on prevention, and set out a package of new measures, including:

  • all smokers who are admitted to hospital being offered support to stop smoking
  • doubling the Diabetes Prevention Programme
  • establishing alcohol care teams in more areas
  • almost 1 million people benefiting from social prescribing by 2023 to 2024

Some of the immediate work includes:

  • announcing a smoke-free 2030 ambition, including options for revenue raising to support action on smoking cessation
  • publishing Chapter 3 of the Childhood Obesity Strategy, including bold action on: infant feeding, clear labelling, food reformulation improving the nutritional content of foods, and support for individuals to achieve and maintain a healthier weight. In addition, driving forward policies in Chapter 2, including ending the sale of energy drinks to children
  • launching a mental health prevention package, including the national launch of Every Mind Matters

The consultation document and online survey can be accessed here.


Healthy London Partnership have undertaken a rapid analysis to summarise the proposals outlined in the green paper to support responses from partners and colleagues.

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