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February 2021

Human Rights + Wellness + You

Community events
Monday 22nd February, 2021 - 11:00 to 13:30

About this event

Join Creative Treaty as they take an engaging delve into human rights' holistic relationship with community wellbeing and individual wellness!

About this Event

Creative Treaty is a human rights organisation that raises public awareness and understanding of human rights through creative engagement and skill building.

This workshop session will offer participants the opportunity to understand how human rights, community well-being and individual wellness work together holistically. Creative Treaty believes that human rights’ systems create healthy communities and these healthy communities are the foundations that help promote positive wellbeing in individuals.

Participants will come away from the session equipped with knowledge on the human rights they are entitled to enjoy, as well as the necessary tools and information to maintain and sustain their wellness.

Leading the workshop is the Director of Programmes at Creative Treaty, who is a United Nations Human Rights Fellow with many years experience working in the charity sector, and is personally and professionally passionate for positive wellbeing.

The Director will cover:

  • a brief history of human rights;
  • human rights systems positive impact on community and individual wellbeing;
  • tips on amplifying positive wellbeing in individuals, including guidance on improving physical health through nutrition and a Q&A on improving emotional wellness.

This workshop takes an innovative approach to human rights learning and is great for anyone who wants to better understand their rights. The workshop is particularly useful to people employed in the charity sector, community work and education.

The language they use in workshops is non bureaucratic and they invite participant questions, as well as other engagement, during session.

Participants also get one of Creative Treaty's Wellness Packs which includes their human rights handbook that you can use alongside the session.

Our workshops are free thanks to support from the National Lottery's Community Fund. You can discover more about Creative Treaty on their website:, including information on the Wellness Packs they have been distributing to communities across the UK throughout the pandemic and their mediation services.

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