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September 2020

Spiritual and Pastoral Care Mental Health Training

Community events
Monday 14th September, 2020 - 18:00

About this event

People do care. We sometimes struggle to show that we care and how to connect with those affected with mental health problems. Isolation and stigmatisation are some of the issues people with mental health problems will face in their communities. A well-structured pastoral engagement with church members will help in reducing the isolation of its members.

If you feel inspired to work with members of your faith group around the issues of mental health then do sign up for this free 10 week training in pastoral care in mental health. It's on every Monday evening from 14 September to 23 November 2020 6pm-8:40pm. It's being run by Juney Muhammad, who runs fantastic community mental health training at South London and Maudsley.

This online training will provide faith and religious groups/communities with some understanding in mental health; to develop spiritual and pastoral skills to support people with mental health difficulties living within faith communities.

Suitable for anyone from any faith and religious community, and who are interested in offering pastoral or spiritual care.

Click the link below to book by Friday 14 August 12pm.

Contact details

For further information contact Juney Muhammad:

07791 680262