Twenty minutes to better resilience with Dr Radha

Thrive London teamed up with Dr Radha Modgil – NHS GP, broadcaster and campaigner for wellbeing – as well as Londoners like you, to develop a 20-minute training video on building emotional resilience.
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Making small changes can make a big difference and can help you to effectively build emotional resilience.

Our ability to adapt well to the stress of life, as well as being able to bounce back from adversity, crises or trauma, is often referred to as emotional resilience.

The good news is that resilience isn’t fixed, or something we are born with (or not). We can all top up our resilience reserves by doing some really simple things, like a walk outside, or treating ourselves to something that makes us happy.



In this short training video, you can learn more about resilience and get lots of practical ideas and inspiration about how you can strengthen your own ability to adapt well to stressful circumstances.

British Sign Language version

Thrive London has also produced this video with British Sign Language interpretation. Watch now on our YouTube channel.


As Dr Radha says in the training video: “For many of us, this has been the most challenging year of our lives. Our ability to cope with the normal stress of life, as well as being able to bounce back from adversity, crises or trauma, whilst staying mentally well, is often referred to as emotional resilience.

“In just 20 minutes, I hope that you can find just one or two simple strategies and ideas that will work for you. We are living through huge uncertainty which is why it has never been more important for us to take care of our mental health to deal with and adapt to these challenges.”

For more help on building your resilience go to the Thrive London website by clicking here.

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