Creative Treaty: the service that links human rights and wellness

Creative Treaty is a charitable organisation based in Southwark that aims to empower communities to exercise and enjoy their human rights - through education, skills-building, mediation and wellness support.
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What Creative Treaty offers:

  • Human rights workshops: the workshops will equip you with human rights knowledge, as well as the necessary tools and information to maintain and sustain your wellness - which later leads to wider positive impact on the community.
  • Wellness packs: Creative Treaty are distributing Wellness Packs across the UK, to support community well-being and promote human rights awareness.
  • Digital advice service: if you want to better understand your human rights, would like tips on supporting your emotional and mental well-being, or just need a listening ear chat to Creative Treaty's trained professionals in human rights, social work and law.
  • Mediation services: these are a bespoke package of human rights and emotional wellness support Creative Treaty provides to victims of human rights injustices. Victims can make self referrals (or be referred by an organisation).

Already interested and want to find out more? Download your free Human Rights Handbook below.

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Creative Treaty Human Rights Handbook

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